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From power amplifiers to guitars to trumpets we service what we sell here in store.

String instruments sometimes require a little service even if they have been well taken care of. For instance, during spring and fall we see a lot of guitars come in for repair. Changing seasons can cause wood to warp and swell due to the change of moisture in the air. For this reason, guitars and basses both electric and acoustic have a number of adjustments that help to correct any problems caused by changing seasons. If you feel like your instrument isn't playing the way it should, just bring it in for a setup and we'll get it playing good as new.

There are lots of keys and pads on woodwinds, and lots of valves and slides on brass. Sometimes its a little problem that can cause a big issues, such as notes not speaking or an instrument playing out of tune. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to learn or play an instrument that isn't working like it should. Be it a deteriorated pad, stuck slide, or even a total overhaul we can take care of your instrument right here in the store so youcan get back to playing just as soon as your instrument get back into playing condition.

Electronics can be susceptible to many different things. As musicians we often rely on electronics in many different ways; as a means of amplifying our sound, for creating various types of effects, or even as entire instruments themselves like keyboards or beat machines. Its never any fun when you have a piece of gear go out on you right when you need it, but it happens from time to time and we're here to help. From keyboards to speakers to old-fashion tube amps we can get them back into shape. Most warranty and even out of warranty work we do here in the store. All you need to do is bring it in and we'll take care of the rest!

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