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Our rental program is unique. It not only offers exceptional value with guaranteed purchase and upgrade options but also provides the service and care needed to allow the student and pro alike to excel.

If you have a child in Band or Orchestra, or if you are interested in picking up a brass, woodwind or string instrument for yourself, we offer a true 30 month rent-to-own program. This means that all of the payments you make on the instrument go towards its purchase. Also included in the rental is routine maintenance of the instrument which is done here in the store with our full time instrument repair technician.

This program is offered on both our new and used instruments, and gives you several options toward the purchase of the instrument. Anytime during the rental you can pay off the instrument and receive a discount on the remaining balance, 40% during the first 10 months and 30% anytime after 10 months. If you are renting used and wish to purchase a new student model instrument of that same model you can use all the rental credits that have accumulated on your used instrument and apply them towards the purchase of a new student instrument. If during the first three months of rental you or your child has decided that the instrument originally chosen isn't working out, you can switch the type of instrument being rented; should this be for a student at a school it must be approved by their instructor before you can switch instruments. You can also discontinue the rental at any time.

For string instruments where students may begin playing on a partial size instrument, we allow you to continually upgrade through each size while keeping all of the rental credits. That way all the payments you make accumulate and apply to the purchase to a full size instrument. Many times when students start off on the smaller sizes, like 1/8 or 1/10, the rental credits accumulated from when they start to when they reach the full size instrument are enough to purchase a new full size instrument without any extra payments, or to continue rental with an intermediate instrument at a monthly rate comparable to a student model.

Please contact the store or stop by for additional details on our rental program such as pricing and instrument availability!

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